4 Tips to run the right way and keep going longer

The best time to start running is when you have something to stand for, only problem is when you don’t have the right form you can feel like the weight of the world is bringing you down. This is why your form can make or break you. Thankfully, you have the brilliants minds of Budd […]

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If the running shoe fits….

When buying a pair of tennis shoes, you are making an investment. These shoes are the most important tool to get you through numerous runs and workouts. A Runner’s World article provides tips on what to look for when buying your shoes. Make sure your heel fits snug but not tight and make sure […]

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A Resolution Worth Keeping

It’s 2015, time to forget about the things you didn’t accomplish in 2014 and focus on a new beginning, a chance to live a better story this year. I don’t believe in resolutions (too many years of failure) but I do believe in goals. I believe in making goals that are big and inspiring. Goals […]

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Where Do I Start?

Deciding to run a marathon or half marathon for the first time is not too different from what we are experiencing in producing our first marathon; it’s really big, going to require a lot of time and effort, sounds fun and rewarding but where do I start? Start with what you know. Have you run […]

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