In 2017, Resolve to be Fat, Broke and Happy

Welcome to January, the most American month of the year! Sure, we love July with the hot dogs, beer, music and fireworks. We also love November and the turkey, pecan pie, beer and football. December, you might say is the most American month of all, it has food, beer, fireworks, music, football and maxed out […]

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Even the summer heat can’t slow you down!

Summer temperatures can be harsh and practically unbearable. Warmer weather affects all runners and you don’t want to let the heat to keep you from your favorite outdoor trail. Thankfully temperatures will be beautiful this November for the South Padre Island Marathon! In the mean time, you will be training this summer! Running in the […]

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Crohn’s won’t stop the ‘unbreakable’ Jenni

Every training run, race, and honestly, every day is a struggle. I know a day will come that I will no longer be able to run” said Jenni in a heartbreaking confession. Jenni is one of more than 1.6 million Americans living with Crohn’s disease. It’s a disorder that attacks the digestive tract. “You’re immune […]

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Entering the Chrysalis

“I want to be strong…. I want to be a butterfly but I feel like a caterpillar”. Lauren was telling me her story. She was speaking of her struggles, her frustrations, her hopes and aspirations, yet she voiced the quiet desperation that lives inside each of us. We know there is something more within us, […]

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Monica’s Angel at the South Padre Marathon Finish Line

Like runners, motivation can come in all shapes and sizes. In Monica Lopez’s case, motivation to complete the South Padre Island Marathon comes in the form of an unexpected angel, a FedEx hat and a tragic accident. Monica is no stranger to South Padre Island. “I’ve been going to S. Padre with my family almost […]

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HEB Slim Down Showdown winner humble about marathon success

This is the end of second guessing. This is saying goodbye to more than twenty years of uncertainty and being afraid. This is Jacque’s triumph. It’s before sunset on a Friday evening. The wind is strong enough to slow a runner’s pace. But time isn’t a factor for Jacque Ary. The clock doesn’t measure her […]

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Runner’s Warm-Up Routine

A proper warm-up will help optimize your runs when training for the South Padre Marathon! The length of your warm-up will depend on the length of your expected run. For example, if you plan for a longer workout, warm up a little longer than for a quick half-hour workout. All in all, DON’T SKIMP OUT […]

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No Problems No Bake Energy Bites

The South Padre Island Marathon Team is always looking for new recipes, workouts and stretches to keep you running. We came across this delicious No Bake Energy Bites recipe that’ll hit your chocolate cravings. With more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, Ann Lee (Anneorshine) is in-the-know with fashion, beauty products, nail products from Builder Gel […]

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Foam Rolling into that Beach Body

Summer is right around the corner and Spring Break for some is already here. While you might be busting your buns to get that beach body you could be doing more harm than good. Recovery is just as important as pushing yourself to see results. Runners, crossfitters, lifters and athletes of all types swear by […]

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Simple Moves to Beach Body Legs

The sun is shining a little brighter on the shores of South Padre Island which means it’s about to become bathing suit season! Don’t be afraid to show a little leg. Follow this leg workout routine below three times a week and you will begin seeing results in as little as two weeks! Warm- Up: […]

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Guinness World Record Holder Makes South Padre Island Marathon Her 810th Race

At the South Padre Island Marathon, first time runners and experienced runners crossed the starting line together. or Parvaneh Moayedi, this would be her 810th marathon. Order best eyelashes growth remedy Latisse (bimatoprost, lumigan) online over the counter at as low as $39! Latisse is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to […]

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Use your towel for stretching and not just drying sweat

One of the biggest obstacles in keeping with your New Year’s Resolutions is the weather being too hot, too cold, too sore or not enough time to enjoy a run (especially if you’re just getting into it). Regardless of your how long or short your training for the day is, take extra time to stretch […]

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