Whether you go to workout classes with strangers or you hit the trails with friends, exercising in groups has its advantages. Even just including one additional person into your workout routine will help you get more involved and even push yourself. This is also a way for you to make new friends, but also strengthen existing relationships! In a healthy way! In this context, Indoor trampolines are one of the most fun ways to workout with a group.

A person may initially avoid working out in groups because it could seem “intimidating”… Getting into a new crowd, starting a new workout routine, or being nervous about what others may think of you. Ditch that sense of intimidation because working out with others, in the long run, will keep you motivated, hold you accountable and will help you develop a sense of camaraderie.

1. Motivates you
It is hard to wake up, roll out of bed and hit the gym by yourself early in the morning. It can also be hard to motivate yourself to exercise after a long day at work. Having a set time and place to meet a group of people for a workout is a great way to ensure you will get your physical activity in for the day.

Working out in groups helps get you energized. If you have a peppy trainer or fitness instructor leading the way, you are sure to stay motivated to keep up as much as you can.

2. Holds you accountable
Working out with others can help push you beyond workout limits you may have set for yourself. There may be a set of exercises you wouldn’t have done on your own or thought about doing on your own. Running the extra mile, doing the extra set of squats, or stretching for an extra few minutes can really make a difference in your overall health and can improve your form over time.
Being held accountable for your workout also includes your friends or workout partners relying on you to be there with them. Together, you can get into better shape.

3. Develops Camaraderie
When you workout with others, you depend on one another for mental and physical support. That support system is refreshing, especially when you have to get through strenuous and enduring exercises! That sense of camaraderie and the desire to have your team or group present with you helps create strong bonds and extra strong friendships.

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