“Our forefathers roamed the earth as hunters & gatherers. Now, people feel lucky if they’re placed in the short line at the local drive-thru.

In elementary school, I recall decorating a pizza with entities representing the inner workings of a cell. The mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, the gift received from our mother, eagerly burns within us all! We are simple machines, a series of chemical processes housed in tubing. Our brains thrive on reward via the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Sadly, we exploit dopamine for fast-food gratification.

There’s a reason why processed food & a sedentary lifestyle lead to bad outcomes-they’re not in our DNA. Once you break the cycle & realize how good it feels to put the body in motion, the so-called endorphin release, it becomes a self-generated addiction! We all process foods in a slightly different manner, but for the most part dietary success stems from obeying the staples.

The adage of performing a majority of your shopping on the outskirts of the grocery store still applies. Additionally, many studies have indicated that in order to achieve/maintain effective weight loss, one’s eating habits must complement activity levels.

Simply eliminating daily soda consumption has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes by almost 20%!”

-Dr. Michael Eisen

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