Reignite your run with the “Ultimate Playlist: SPI Edition”.

Here’s a way to ruin a solid run: “No signal on your Pandora station!” Good grief! We’ve all be there and trying to trouble shoot the problem kills the pace. You could use the songs you already have on you iPhone or Android but you’ve heard them a thousand times and they’re not cutting it anymore.

The South Padre Island social media team is just like you and had the Pandora no signal nightmare mid-run, our playlist was slacking and needed to make it awesome.
We looked for new music and found already had compiled a killer list of the best jams! We all are transforming our bodies into lean-mean-pavement-crushing-machines, shouldn’t our playlist be the same.

Click the link and get hundreds of songs from a slew of genres now!
The Best Running Songs

Our personal favorite “ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin’”

You know what ours is, so tell us what’s your favorite running song? Please share with us on social media so everyone can benefit!

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