The South Padre Marathon is a month away! We know our runners have ramped up their training for the big run across the Queen Isabella Causeway and down South Padre Island  Boulevard!

For many of you, this may be your first marathon or half marathon. Don’t be afraid. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Continue setting goals for yourself and keep training strong these last few weeks!

Here are some final training tips to keep in mind:

Concentrate on your running technique. In your last month of training, focus on your stride, arm swing and knee rise. Try counting your steps while running. Marathon runners should aim 30 steps for every ten seconds. Ensure your elbows are slightly bent and are steady. For your knee rise, make sure your leading your leg swings with your knees by lifting them a bit higher than usual.

Pace your training workload. Do not sneak in hard workouts, but rather stick to the half marathon or marathon training schedule. You’re last long run should be about 10 miles for a half marathon and more than 15 for a full marathon. This should be done three weeks before a full marathon and 10 days before shorter races. This gives your body time to recover fully and reap the fitness gains from the long-run training.

Make sure your running shoes are ready: To reduce the risk of blistering and aches on your feet, make sure your running shoes are ready. If you can see now they need to be updated before race day, you should purchase new shoes now that way you have time to break into them. Before using your new pair on long runs, wear them for a few hours each day for two or three days and during short runs.

Prep your meal plan: Figure out what foods work best to fuel your body. This should be done especially on your long-run days. This will help you plan your pre-race meal, which should be at least 90 minutes before the start of the marathon. Don’t forget about the spaghetti dinner on Friday night! This will be at Schlitterbahn on Friday, November 13 at 6 p.m. Purchase your ticket through imAthlete.

Feel the excitement, but run smart: Through all the excitement on race day, you may want to begin running fast. Practice starting at a pace of at least 30 seconds slower than your overall goal. As your miles progress, you can pick up the pace. Just remember to keep strong form!

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