Blisters are the worst. Not only are they physically unbearable, they can hurt our progress as runners. Many avid runners suffer blisters because of the friction caused by shoes or socks rubbing against their skin.

There are ways to present blisters before they happen. There are also remedies to treat those blisters that have already developed.

1. Wear the right socks.
-In attempt to avoiding soak up sweat in cotton socks, try wearing a pair of nylon socks. This material is breathable and steers clear of moisture on the foot.

2. Layer up the socks.
-It is okay to wear more than one pair of sock at a time. When you wear two, friction can happen between the two pairs versus your skin and the one pair of socks.

3. Apply bandages to areas prone to blisters.
-It is best to apply a bandage to an area that is expected to experience a blister or to prevent the already formed blister from hurting even more than it already does. Apply directly on the skin.

4. Try out some powers and creams
-The moisture in Vaseline helps prevent friction between a foot and a shoe. Foot powders and blister defense sticks also sooth the skin on your feet.

5. Make sure the shoe fits.
-It is extremely important for runner’s to wear the right sized running shoes. Visit specialty running stores to get properly paired with the shoe that’s best for you.

Katie Golde provides more tips on how to pop blisters in her article.

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