Stop cooking food! Kristina will show you how to save time and money.

“Eating healthy is expensive.” “I don’t know how to cook like that.” “My kids wont like it.” Excuses, excuses, excuses. We’ve heard them all, and you’ve said them all. Time to get real and do your homework. I’m going to show you how to save money, get fit and win the parent of the year […]

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The truth about protein bars

From the queen of workouts herself, Jillian Michaels is busting myths about protein bars and how they work to fuel your body. People use protein bars as pre-workout snacks or meal replacements. According to Jillian, it is easy to overlook the amount of calories and sugar in these bars because people concentrate on the level […]

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Protein packed power from the ground

When people are looking to get back in shape or look a bit better for a big event they cut out the junk and pack on the protein. Many will stock up on chicken, beef, tuna and anywhere else they believe the protein is but with all of that protein comes fats. If you’re thinking […]

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Why to switch your beans; make your refried beans healthy

Beans have the potential to be a food source full of fiber, protein, antioxidants and vitamin b. The way to get all of these nutrients depends on how you cook them. Many times, beans are cooked in lard or other fats. This is typically how refried beans are cooked. There is a way to make […]

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