Valentines day is one of the most opinionated holidays. Some love it, others hate it but the bottom line is no one REALLY wants to be alone. You can score some great quality time with your partner or finally be able to ask that special someone on a very unique Valentine’s day date.

For some beginners not wanting to look like they’ve been away from the gym, go back to the basics.
1.) Try something fun like bike riding. Local bike shops should be able to hook you up. Hit a trail or take a ride to a park. It encourages a relaxed environment, get the endorphins going and most importantly make you look cool without looking like a fool.

2.) Lakeside yoga. You don’t have to be a hippie to stretch. Great view, out of the structured class environment and when it’s done you can enjoy the day because you’re already at a great spot

Those are just a few beginner ideas. For those who are ready to take it up a notch keep reading and take notes.

First up, the “Pull and release seated row” basically it’s a choreographed tug of war. We’ve all played or at least seen a tug of war match. Best part is losing and having your partner pull you in close. Sounds romantic? Because it is!

Second, is the exercise women love to watch a man do, the push up. There are a few ways to do a push up with a partner. For a committed couple, have your mate lay flat under you. Get in a standard pushup position and every time you go down kiss a different part of your mate’s face. All leading up to the last kiss on the lips. It’s cute to work for a kiss that at times because so common.

This next exercise comes with a disclaimer. Don’t do it if you suck at it. I’m talking about sit-ups and crunches. Make it a challenge only your partner has to keep count. It’s now a cute fun game and you can show off a bit.

Need some more inspiration? compiled a great list of instagram videos from users showing off how you can be romantic and fit.

Make your own video and share it with us on twitter and instagram. @Run_SPI

Remember Valentines day doesn’t have to suck, find a workout buddy and have some fun!

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